Keep The little House In The Moodyville Park

July 22, 2016

The little house in Moodyville Park

Have you seen the little House In The Moodyville Park? the one with the tilt color metal roof?

I am a resident of Moodyville Park area.
I am also an Architect graduated in Milano, Italy, with experience in residential, urban design and planning. A project that I had proposed for the city of Milan, La Balconata, is available on my website at
Moodyville is being heavily modified.

Moodyville Park And Project
The single family area with access to a natural green belt will transform into a condominium surrounded park. This is going to change the way we live to some extent. New residents who will be occupying the upcoming condos will know little about the present neighbourhood and by not having this background will take more time to amalgamate with the existing residents.
The new projects will occupy the 600 and 700 block on the south side and partially on the north side, that is more than 400 new families to the area. 3000 new residents are estimated to be live in the future area.
To compensate the density that will occur the developer has agreed with the city to expand and improve the Moodyville Park area. In order to realize the expansion plan, the existing white house in the park, adjacent to the playground and the 2 houses on the South East side of Queensbury will be demolished.
The White house is an old building and apparently, the city is short of the budget or willingness to restore this little piece of local history.
The other 2 houses as mentioned above are in good conditions, however I understand that in order to have a better park they need to be demolished, BUT, wait a moment,

Moodyville Park And Project

One of these houses, the second one which is not so visible from Queensbury Ave. entrance to the park (in fact is located at 819 3rd St. E.) is not only in good shape and well maintained but also is a house of over 100 years old and I have heard some stories about it:
A present neighbour has his childhood picture(6 years old) beside the house, and some one told me of the existence of a picture of King George at the house, during his trip to Vancouver.

I would like this house to be conserved and utilized for the benefit of present and future residents of Moodyville.

The little house in Moodyville Park

The house which will be located on the extreme east side of the future park can be used for the following purposes:

  • A local kinder garden, one in a real garden, kids can take advantage of a future play ground to be created right next to it,
  • A local little museum to present and reflect the history of the park and the Mill. There are already signs and plates to tell the story to visitors, why not collecting all this information under a single existing roof…!!?
  • A small branch of North Vancouver public library with a concession coffee shop which can generate some income for the city while will be an encounter location for the residents, a place which can facilitate the amalgamation of the 2 generations of residents, present and future.

Let’s modernize the area while conserving the history. Please join this petition to ask the city to Keep the little house in the Moodyville Park.

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There has been a great support of this project in our community. I received also a great advice from Sally today. I need your help to spread our voice. It takes time to reach all of you and those who will have the impact and I have only so much of time available.
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